Club Awards and Memorabilia


                hansle and gretal award                                            HANSEL AND GRETEL AWARD
         The Hansel and Gretel award was initiated by the los Angeles Ski Council back in the days
      when a Facihing Ball was held at Mammoth Mountain.  This event consisted of comicial down                      
      hill ski races, a lot of beer drinking, a club and individual costume events and more beer drinkin.
      It was a fun filled weekend.  The Trophy, presented for the most active club, was won by the
      Hollywood Ski Club in 1962 and 1963. The Snowbounders Ski club won the next three (3) years,
     1964 Puff the Magic Dragon theme,1965 with 101 Delmations theme and in 1966 with a Screw
      Driver theme, and retired the throphy. In 1967 we entered a Bowling Alley theme (named after one
      of the ski runs) complete with a 6' diameter ball, 6' pins and the gutters,


                   ski club                                     
                          The club held a contest for the design of the emblem after the name was established. The winner
                    (Jim Halback) who presented the winning design received a free trip to Mammoth.
                     Are given out with new membership.



                          ski club                                   SPIRIT AWARD:
        This award is a beautiful, large trophy the recipient gets to keep in their home( and dust) for the year it
    was awarded, it is passed from recipient to recipient yearly. In addition to the trophy each pecipient           Spirit Award Plaque
    is given a small wall plaque (7X9) as a memento of award and the year it was presented.
        This award is considered yearly for outstanding contribution to the club member(s) who is/are                         
    not an elected or appointed officer. As of June 2012 the award has been issued 44 times. 
        The award is presented (not advertised) at the annual banquet. The recipient is selected by nominations
    from the membership and approved by the Board of directors . There is no requiremment to issue the
   award yearly.  It was first awarded in 1964. It was donated to the Club by a member impressed by the
   friendship and organization of our trips. 
                    The Award and Plaque were made or engraved by:
         Allstar Awards, 606 West Chapman Ave. Placentia, CA 92870.   
               Phone: 714-528-3991           Web:       


ative clun award                                     MOST ACTIVE SKI CLUB
                             This award was presented to the Club by "Sierra Skiers Service"  for the most bus trips arranged
                         through the travel agency for 1968 and again in 1969. We, as a club, had as meany as four buses going
                         to Mammoth Mountain Ski Area every two weeks starting in November and ending in May, sometimes
                         in July. 



south east league trophy                            SOUTHEAST  LEAGUE TROPHY
                   Back in the days everyone was interested in downhill racing a group of Orange County ski clubs
               formed the Southeast League (now known as The Orange Council) to provide a focal point for the
               area ski clubs and promote competition. The Snowbounders won the FWSA Intramural Race in the 1965/66
               season for having the largest group of skiier on the course and the highest points for racer finishes.




   pole flag                                                                
                         POLE  FLAGS
                Ski pole flags were introduced to the club in 2004.
          The flags are white with the colored club  emblem. 
          They were designed to attach to thr left hand ski
           pole with velcro tape. They were given to new and renewing  members




                                 CLUB  EMBLEM  DECALS
                          Decals (3 diameter) were introduced to the club in 2007.
                     The intent was to use the decals on  our ski tips, helmets,
                     car bumpers, ect. to help recuit new members. Orginally cost a member
                     $3.00/pair. Now given free of charge.



                            license frame
                              License Plate Frames:
               where sold to members in pairs. We had orginally one gross of them.
                Orginally cost a member $10/pair. (?)

beer mug                        Beer Mugs
               To help advertise the club beer mugs were made availanle to the membership.
             Orginal price unk.

                                             Wine Glasses:
                                 Wine glasses were purchesed by the club for resale and use at dinner parties.
                                   Orginal price unk.







sweat shirts                             Sweat shirts:
                  At one time the club sold over 75 sweat shirts to members.
             Orginal price unk.
             Where are they now?    Let me know, George.



historic document award                        Historic Ski Club Certificate:
           Certificate awarded by Far West Ski Association in recognition that the Club
          has been active for more than fifty (50) years.  Club was formed in 1962


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